Commercial Office Amenity Management

Wellness Amenity Management

LulaFit runs wellness amenities in commercial office buildings to help you get a return on your investment through attracting and retaining the industry best tenants.

Our Services

Our team of wellness experts work together to develop a customized wellness experience for your building

Design and Development

From consultation to procurement, LulaFit will contact, coordinate and ensure an on time delivery of your new investment

Fitness Center Management

LulaFit will run the operations of your center with a skilled team of professionals. Teams are tailored based on the size of the space,building and tenant population.

Fitness activation

Services include personal training, group exercise, nutrition counseling and massage therapy in the fitness center.

Amenity space activation

LulaFit specializes in activating not only the fitness center but any other open space. Bars, lounges, conference rooms, sports areas and more.

Integrative technology

LulaFit can integrate with any current building technology and give the tenants the ability to book their services on the spot.

Success reporting

LulaFit will report the success of your amenity in a customized report each month.

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