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We make living a healthy lifestyle sustainable and accessible.

At LulaFit, our goal is to empower individuals to live a healthy lifestyle.


We do this through a focus on our client and through what we believe to be the five pillars of wellness: Sleep, Stress, Movement, Food, and Ergonomics. Our vision – which will take several years to realize – is to become the premier provider of bespoke fit and wellness programs for communities, enterprises, and individuals -- giving our partners the amenities and benefits they need to attract and retain the top talent and tenants, and empowering those individuals to be their best selves.

Tackling this vision will not be easy -- and we’ll need the best team on our side.

We’re looking for people that don’t shy away from challenges and tackle them head on. The learners that are never done learning. We’re looking for people with a passion for health and wellness, and a curiosity to push the frontiers of knowledge

We’re looking for people that are hard working, flexible, and determined to change the world.

We Believe

Our body is our most valuable asset
We truly believe that our bodies are the most valuable and complex assets we will ever own. And we’ve built a business around helping others maximize their health, even when life is busy.
In changing lives and industries
The health and wellness industry is broken. It either caters to people who already have the knowledge or time to make healthy choices, or it encourages people to seek out quick fixes. We’re a lifestyle company with a holistic approach to wellness. Our model is turning the industry on its head and changing lives in the process.
In working hard, then doing you
Things are fast-paced at LulaFit. We work really hard. We laugh a lot. Even though we consider our staff to be a close-knit family, we want you to have time outside of work to invest in your other relationships and passions. We’re a multi-talented team filled with operational rockstars, sales and marketing geniuses, talent developers, and customer experience connoisseurs who are also outdoor adventurers, musicians, writers, world travelers, and volunteers.
The customer is king
At the end of the day, our success and value that we provide will be dened by the effect that we have on our individual clients. We stand by them no matter what. We get to know our clients, understand what drives them and what fears they have, and above all else, we listen. We create relationships that last and that empower us to help our clients the best we can.
In continuous learning
We’re on a mission to continue to learn, every single day. Our team is constantly developing their core skills and learning new ones. We can not define what world class means for this new industry without every person on our team being committed to being better every day. We’re open, direct, and instant with our feedback. We learn from our mistakes and we move forward. And we never stop learning.